Changing Employment

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  • Changing Employment
    • Job sectors
      • Job sectors like Quaternary and tertiary are becoming more common
        • New economy worker works in the tertiary sector
        • Knowledge economy worker works in the quarternery sector
      • Primary and secondary sectors have seen a strong decrease in the last 50 years
      • Globalisation has caused companies to move abroad as it is cheaper to manufacture goods
    • North and south east
      • South east
        • Mostly tertiary and Quaternary sector jobs
        • Near London so are close to major businesses so
        • Better weather so more tourists
      • North east
        • Relied mainly on the primary and secondary sector
        • Un employment increased rapidly as globalization moved these sectors away
        • Diversification is making sure a place does not rely on one trade
          • Deindustrialisation is when industrial buildings are removed
    • Jobs of the future
      • Digital economy
        • Health care via internet
        • Super fast broadband providers
      • Green employment
        • Constructing green energy
        • Research energy
        • Building green homes
      • Education and research
        • Gm crops
        • Designing next gen technology
    • Environ -mental impacts
      • Brownfield - Disused or derelict land
        • Land may be contaminated
        • Cleaning up area may be expensive
        • More pressure on existing city
        • Good use of waste land
        • Brings a dead are back to life
      • Greenfield - land that has not previoulsy been built on
        • Wildlife is driven away
        • Farmland lost
        • Houses can be bigger
        • It is a pleasent place to live
        • New roads have to be built
      • Green band - Country around urban area protected by development


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