Changing Rural Landscapes in the UK

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  • Changing Rural Landscapes in the UK
    • An area of population growth - South Cambridgeshire
      • What are the changes?
        • The population is increasing, due to migration to the area
        • Most migrants come from Cambridge and other parts of the UK + Eastern Europe
        • The proportion of people aged 65 or over is growing
      • Social Effects
        • 80% car ownership leads to increased traffic on narrow roads
        • Housing developments on the edges of villages can lead to a reduction in community spirit
        • Young people cannot afford the high cost of housing and move away
      • Economic Effects
        • A reduction in agricultural employment as farmers sell land for housing
        • Lack of affordable housing
        • high demand leads to high petrol prices
        • Increased population puts pressure on services
    • An area of population decline - The Outer Hebrides
      • What are the changed?
        • Population has declined more than 50% since 1901
        • With limited employment, young people have moved away
      • Social Effects
        • The expected fall in the number of children may result in school closures
        • An increasinglyageing population has fewer young people to support them
      • Economic Effects
        • Services are closing
        • Most small farms can only provide work for two days a week
        • There has been an increase in tourism, but...
          • ...the current infrastructure cannot support the scale of tourism needed to provide alternative source of income


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