Changing role of women - source question - 2017

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  • Changing role of women - 2017 source question Analysis - Ahad123
    • Disposable income
  • despite opposition from temperance movement, number of women smokers on the increase
  • source 2 is published 9 years later andf column from newspaper - unlikely to be factual and reflective of the views of the majority in American public.
    • This is also highlighted in source 2 where the writer describes how women had 'special stockbrokers room' - changes are due to their own effort - worked despite prejudice. It is suggested that it was thought inappropriate for women to sit alpng men perhaps due to the prevalent belief in womens fragility and the belief thay women are still inferior to men despite financial independence.
      • Echoed in source 2 when the author describes how in 1924 'the average stock market trader looked down on women customers' showing that political and economical world too complicated for women to understand.
        • Evangelical movements like the qoman children temperance union - which source 2 claims fought against wokmen smoking - believed that women should be housewives and wives should not enter male sphere
  • Both sources claim that despite women's increasing independence and less restrictions men are still treating them differently.
  • Major flaw in both is that they only talk about women with disposable income therefore middle class women. W/C and EM had different experience of the 1920s - the supposedly golden age. Most of them still married young and often worked in unskilled department , for low pay
    • W/C and black women lacked the disposable income and financial independence to bring about a change to their role. therefore source 1 completely ignores w/c women as they were unlikely to buy cigarettes for themselves.
  • 'no nation can maintain the vigour which has been characteristic of the American people after its women began the use of cigarettes'...
  • The clerk quoted in source 1 describes how men buying the cigarettes for women buy ' perfumed ones' whereas the women ' insist on getting the same as men' .
  • WW2


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