Changing patterns of marriage

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  • Changing patterns of marriage
    • marriage increased from the 1960s to mid 70s then decreased
    • remarriage increased especially after 1970 (serial monogamy)
    • marrying later (30s). focusing on careers, cohabitation before marriage
    • church weddings declined due to secularisation
  • Changing attitudes
    • less pressure to marry and more freedom for people to choose the type of relationship
    • the norm that everyone has to get married has weakened
      • evidence of postmodernism/ personal life perspective
  • secularisation
    • churches influence has declined therefore people feel free to choose not to marry
  • Age is increasing because education and career is a priority
  • Marxixts - marriage decline is good because it stops feeding capitalism and supporting the bourgeoisie
  • Functionalists - society will not be able to function because without marriage there is no nuclear family
  • New Right - society is going to fail because of decline in marriage
  • Postmodern - no longer a metanarrative
    • since the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act and legislation of gay marriage
    • Gay marriage has increased


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