Changing location of a secondary or tertiary industry

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  • Changing location of a secondary or tertiary industry
    • Coventry football stadium
    • From the Inner City (Highfield rd) to Brownfield site (Holbrooks) outer city
    • Highfield Rd was old and unsuited for the modern day activities
    • Narrow roads and high density housing was unsuitable
    • Local people complained about the noise and congestion on Match days
    • Large Brownfield site in Holbrooks offered space for a large stadium and parking
    • New site is close to the M6
      • possibility of opening a train station on the Coventry/Nuneaton railway line which ran past the site
    • Available opportunities available to be part of the new mixed development - arena, conference facilities, library and retail park
    • Loss of Jobs in stadium (Highfield rd)
    • Declining profits in local businesses (Highfield rd)
    • New housing for different groups of people which increased their happiness (Highfield rd)
    • New jobs in area (Holbrooks)
    • Conference centre for adults, students, pensioners
    • Parking restrictions are unpopular with local people


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