Changing Living Standards

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  • Changing Living Standards 1933-39
    • Wages
      • Under  Nazi rule, cost if living decreased by 17% between 1928 and 1939
    • Racial Divides
      • The standard of living became increasingly divided between that of ‘pure Germans’ and that of minorities viewed as ‘undesirables’
        • On 18th of August 1939, all doctors and medical staff had to report physical disabilities in children under three. In October, the Nazis amounted the campaign to killing disable children- Over 70,000 people died under the T4 programme
        • Between October 1936 and July 1940, families that were asocial( couldn’t pay rent etc.) were sent for a year to Hashude where they would be re-educated by classes/lectures and regimented schedules.
    • The Ordinary Worker
      • For conformists, living standards initially improved- unemployment dropped and wages rose. However, there was less disposable income as economy was geared to war production


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