changes in youth culture

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  • changes in youth culture
    • teenage rebellion 1950s
      • more money and more free time than ever before
        • teenagers wantedto rebel mainly against what their parents believed in
          • began to wear unique clothing,forming gangs drank heavily and attacked property
            • beatniks-those who dropped out of conventional society
      • influences of rebellion
        • writers such as jd salinger
          • youth films such as rebel withouta cause
            • development od rock and roll music such as elvis presley
    • hippy movement 1960s
      • individual who drops out of society in favour of love and peace
      • wore flowers in their hair as a symbol of peace
      • opposed the vietnam war
      • high point for the hippies was the woodstock concert in 1969
      • san fråncisco became the hippy capital
    • 1970s-2000 music development
      • disco music dominated the scene in 1970s with bands like the beegees and saturday night fever
      • rap an hip hop emerged from disco music- it was the product of inner city problematic areas with young black americans
      • in 1990s people such as jay-z and ice t dominated the charts


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