Changes in the fertility rate

Changes in the birth rate - reasons for and what's happened

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  • Changes in the fertility rate
    • 1900 - 155 1999 - 57 2001- 54.5
    • 1870 - average 6 children Today - 1.6 children
    • Reliable birth control
      • Introduction of the contraception pill
      • Gave women far greater power over reproduction
    • Educational opportunities for females
      • Entry into university
      • Increase in job opportunities as the service sector of the economy expanded
      • Women are delaying having families as they are putting education and careers first
        • 1/4 of women with university degrees are childless at 40
    • 7% increase in the births among women aged between 35 and 39
    • The number of children born to women over 40 doubled in the last 20 years
    • Attitudes towards family life have changed
      • Result of economic and social change
      • Seclarization means people are more open to changes in attitudes
      • Women could see that there were other lifestyle choices in addition to getting married and having children


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