changes in society in early modern Britain (1450-50)

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  • changes in society in early modern Britain (1450-50)
    • population growth
      • population steadily increased with more people.
      • became hard to find work
    • increased wealth and poverty
      • England in general became wealthier, but many stayed poor
    • religious ideas
      • protestants began to influance people
    • increased travel
      • better roads helped develop coaches and more people began travlling
      • horses became cheaper
    • taxation
      • governments were in need of money so taxes were increased
    • landowners attitides
      • became richer and wanted to protect property,rights and power
    • commerce
      • buisnesses and trade were growing
        • banks and bank notes were new developments
    • invention of printing
      • more books and other material appeared
    • political change
      • in the 1600's England went through a political revolution and civil war. made people insecure


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