NOG -Changes in local government & judicial reform

pink -A2

red - A3

orange - N2

yellow - PG

green - Lenin

l blue - Stalin

d blue - Khrushchev

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  • Changes in local government & judicial reform
    • Local government
      • Under the Tsars – first nod to local government
        • zemstvo, & urbanduma.
      • Land captains re-establish authority over peasants (A3).
      • Under PG – local soviets spring up around Russia
        • Petrograd Soviet ‘dual authority’ with government.
      • Under communists – soviets dominated by Communist Party and eventually abandoned
      • Local Communist Party branches take orders from Moscow and encouraged to grow in Eastern Europe post WW2.
    • Judicial reform
      • Liberalised under Alexander II,
      • ‘checks’ eg Land Captains under A3
      • Under PG – liberalised
        • eg political prisoners released
      • Under communists – idea of ‘revolutionary justice’
        • defend the revolution
      • K makes some liberal reforms
        • eg releasing millions fromgulags


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