Changes in Local Government

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  • Changes in Local Gov.
    • The Third Element
      • In 1864, the zemstvo (regional councils) were introduced after the emancipation of the serfs
        • an elected membership of landowners, urban dwellers and peasants
      • In 1870, the urban equivalent, the Duma was created
        • The entry requirement was very tough, so it excluded the urban working class
      • A liberal voice: the third element, along with government and nobility
        • Dominated by teachers, lawyers, and doctors etc.
        • thought the central government should be remodeled after them
      • They were disbanded in Oct 1917, and replaced with Soviets
    • Soviets
      • The first soviet appeared in St Petersburg in 1905
        • It's aim was to coordinate strikes and protect factory workers
        • SRs and SDs looked to dominate the executive council
        • Bolsheviks began to dominate the soviets
      • Power of the Soviet
        • From March-Oct 1917 (provisional gov. time), the Soviets held a lot of power
        • They ditacted strikes and controlled essential services like transport
        • They also had power over the military
    • Judicial Changes
      • 1864: Legal Reforms
        • Juries in criminal cases
        • hierarchy of courts for different types of cases
        • Pay judges better to decrease corruption
      • 1877: Post-assassination attempt
        • New department of Senate to try politcial cases
        • Failed as Alex II was killed in 1881
      • 1881: Alex III
        • Regressed from liberal law
        • Police were centralised under Ministry of Interior
        • Special courts for political cases
        • Justices of Peace replaced with Land Captains
      • 1917+: Communist Rule
        • New criminal code to punish anti- revolutionaries


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