Changes in Adulthood and Later Adulthood

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  • Changes in Adulthood and Later Adulthood
    • Adulthood
      • Growth no longer takes palace after about 18-20 Years old
        • Physical changes still take place
      • The body is now physically and sexually mature
      • The Menopause occurs in women usually between the ages of 45 and 55
        • They can no longer produce eggs, therefore they can't become pregnant anymore
        • Men can still produce sperm after this age and can continue to father children into old age
    • Later Adulthood
      • The aging process happens in later adulthood
        • Skin becomes less elastic- wrinkles form
        • Heart less efficient
        • Lungs less elastic
        • Movement of food through the gut slows down
        • Eyes become long-sighted
        • Bones more brittle
        • Touch less sensitive
        • Hearing may become im-paired
        • Ligaments less elastic


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