Changes brought about by the Reformation

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  • Changes brought about by the Reformation
    • 1534 The Act of Supremacy
      • changed the structure of the church leadership in England - all ties with the pope were cut
        • pope was a distant figure for many ordinary English - they would not have been affected by the change in leadership.
    • July 1536 The Act of Ten Articles
      • drafted by Cranmer - stated people should only believe in 3/7 sacraments
        • baptism
        • the Eucharist
        • penance
        • Some would have noticed the reduction in sacraments, especially significant ones e.g. confession and holy communion
    • August 1536 The First Set of Royal Injunctions
      • issued to the clergy by Cromwell - told to speak in favour of the Act of Supremacy and the Ten Articles
        • Sermons in churches were specific in discouraging people from believing superstition.
        • All clergy now preached the same message
      • told to discourage pilgrimages and reduce the number of Holy Days dedicated to Saints
    • July 1537 Bishops Book
      • drafted by Cranmer - 4 sacraments ignored by the Ten Articles were declared valid
        • but of lesser value + the main duty of the priest was preaching
        • 7 Sacraments were completely returned to the church and priests were involved in all aspects of them
          • accepted confessions and they turned to conducting services in Latin
    • September 1538 Second Set of Royal Injunctions
      • issued by Cromwell - English Bible was to be placed in all churches and priests were to actively discourage pilgrimages + all religious images were removed from church
        • Services and sermons = in English
        • decorated churches = stripped bare
        • shrines were destroyed to prevent pilgrimages
    • 1539 The Six Articles issued by Henry VIII
      • clear statement of Catholic Doctrine - confirmed transubstantiation (bread + wine turned into Christ) and purgatory
        • The changes made previously were reversed though not encouraged
        • priests would be doing more seroms
      • reaffirmed the role of priests and that they should celibate


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