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  • Chaney
    • Background
      • Operant conditioning theory is the behaviour learned from experience or consequence
    • Aim: Will the use of positive reinforcement by funhaler improve medical compliance in young asthmatics
    • Sample  /Sampling method
      • 32 children (22m, 10f) aged 1.5-6 years from Perth, Australia. Random sampling from local clinics for asthmatic children
    • Research method
      • field experiment, repeated measures design. IV's : standard inhaler/ funhaler. DV's : amount of adherence to regime.
    • Funhaler: an inhaler that has toys like spinners and whistles to make taking medicine for children easier.
    • Pilot studies: comparison between aerosol of both inhalers. No significant difference so both get same amount.
      • Procedure: home setting, parent given informed consent, complete closed structured questionnaire about standard inhaler like "how easy the device is"
        • asked to use Funhaler for 2 weeks with adult supervision, funhaler had different toys like spinners and whistles, matched questionnaire after 2 weeks
    • results: 59% medicated day before with standard, 81% medicated day before with funhaler. 65% enjoyed funhaler, 10% enjoyed standard
      • conclusions: funhaler improved adherence. 'Funhaler' improve health of children


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