Chance - Medicine

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  • Chance
    • Outbreaks of disease
      • Unusually hot weather and the great stink (1858) caused reform in the sewage system.
      • John Snow discovered the connection between contaminated water and disease after the cholera outbreak 1854
      • Fleming discovered penicillin after accidentally leaving out his bacteria.
        • His discovery didn't receive attention for years
    • Louis Pasteur
      • In 1879, louis pasteur proved that vaccines prevent disease
        • Lead to development in vaccines
        • Discovered weakened cholera germs could prevent later cholera in chickens.
    • Galen's religion
      • If it hadn't been for his monotheism Galen's ideas wouldn't have been around for so long
      • However, many of ideas turned out to be wrong
    • Battlefield
      • Pare ran out of oil on the battlefield so had to improvise with his ointment


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