Chamonix, France

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  • Chamonix, French Alps Tourism
    • Impacts?
      • Chamonix is maintained as an attractive town. SOC
      • Huge amount of energy needed to power ski-lifts etc = releases CO2 (global warming). ENVI
      • Tourism industry creates jobs, 2500 seasonal workers each year. EC
    • Management?
      • Free public transport. EC
      • Low emission buses. ENVI
      • Avalanche barriers maintained. SOC
    • Attractions?
      • 350km of hiking trails. SUMMER
      • Alpine museum exhibition. SUMMER
      • 2 cross country skiing courses. WINTER
      • Lot's of glaciers, e.g. Mer de Glance. WINTER
    • Background?
      • Centre of tourism for over 250 years.
      • Around 5 million tourists a year.


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