Chambamonterra Micro Hydro Scheme

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  • Chambamonte-rra Micro Hydro Scheme
    • Where?
      • 750km north of Lima
      • Isolated village in Peru
      • Located in the Andes
      • 2hr drive from nearest town (Jaen)
    • Why?
      • Lack of development due to lack of electricity
      • No heat, light or power
      • Half the population live off just $2 a day
      • Most people reliant on subsistence farming
      • only industry is a small coffee plantation
      • Too small and isolated to put on the power grid
    • What is the scheme?
      • Scheme is supported by the Practical Action charity
      • High rainfall, steep slopes and fast flowing rivers makes it an ideal location
      • Total cost $51,000
        • Money came from the government, investment from Japan and the local people
      • Small hydro electric turbine takes water from the river and rainwater and creates electricity
    • Benefits of the scheme
      • Reduction in rural-urban migration - the population has grown
      • Improved school facilities and ability to do homework after dark
      • Healthcare improved as medicines can be refrigerated
      • Street lights allow people outside after dark
      • Computers and entertainment can be used
      • Heating is available in winter when the weather is cold
      • The scheme will last at least 25 years
      • Less need to burn wood for heat and cooking
        • Less deforestation
      • Regulating water flow has reduced flooding


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