Female roles 1960's

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  • Challenges to traditional ideas of women's role in society.
    • Throughout the 60's the belief that women should be mothers and housewives was still strong. Household appliances allowed free time but did not change societies views women should belong at home
      • The new look article" The female kitchen is the temple"
    • Education and work: childminders were increasing in the 60's but still very low. and Margaret Thatcher
    • Female insecurity: Wolf- the increase of media made women value themselves on appearance rather than convincing women to become equal to men
    • Feminism- this is the rise of the view that women should be equal to men. this idea was spread through looks like the longest revolution by Juliet Mitchell.
      • Woman's national liberation conference demanded for: equal pay, free contraception/abortion, equal education and free 24-hour childcare.


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