Challenges and supports of CA

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  • Challenges and supports of CA
    • Russel- Cop makes fallacy of compostion. Just because humans have a mother doesn't=universe had a mother
      • Brute fact- universe has always existed must be accepted
      • If God=NB=he's in special category=NB has no meaning
      • Copleston- R is talking about God in this way=he understands the meaning of NB
    • David Hume-BIG LEAP logically from everything in world has a cause=world has a cause
      • CA ends with unfamiliar concept beyond human experience
      • Nature of God=unknown= can't prove his existence by definition.
      • We don't have sufficient evidence to prove cause of universe/if there is a cause
    • KANT- idea everything must have 1st cause only applies to our world due to sense experience
      • Can't use knowledge we DO possess to answer questions outside our experience.
        • GOD=outside time and space
          • Chain of c+e can't begin outside t+s
            • ILLOGICAL
      • Universe had a beginning= needs a first cause
        • Conditions for BB imply designing mind
      • spontaneous event. No need for self working process
    • ** THEORY
      • No beginning
      • No need for first cause
      • No need for NB as universe= eternal and not contingent


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