Challanges to Church settlement 1566

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  • Challenges to the settlement 1566
    • The visitations
      • Inspections of parishes by bishops to ensure acts/ injunctions were being properly inforced.
      • Bishops went further than Liz intended e.g. images, cath clothing, or relics deliberately destroyed - and though she had asked for crucifixes to be replaced she had to be content with one in her chapel
    • The clergy
      • those on visitations were to examine C beliefs and ensure they took AS oath and followed book of P/injunctions
        • 400 (almost equal c/p) = X take oath = obliged to resign from livings
          • out of 8-9,000 parishes in Eng at time the no of dissenters = remarkably low
    • The Vestarian Controversy 1566
      • Jan 65 = Liz wrote to Arcb Parker about concern that C X wearing correct clerical dress
        • He reprimanded the C involved - then issued Book of Advertisements = reinforced Liz insistence on e.g. kneeling in com - but was willing to compromise on clerical dress e.g. C in parishes just wear surplice and only full vestements in cathedral services
          • Liz X endorse book and he faced op from the Puritan clergy
            • In display of correct clerical dress at his palaxe in Lamberth - 37/110 clergy present refused to wear clothing they deemed to be catholic = they were removed from office


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