Political and Governmental Change, Challenges to to the Republic

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  • Challenges to the Republic
    • Left-wing
      • Spartacist uprising January 1919
        • Crushed by the Freikorps (ex-soldiers)
          • Willing to put a stop to left-wing but not so much right-wing
    • Right-wing
      • Kapp Putsch 1920
        • Supported by Ludendorff
        • 12th March, Berlin takeover
        • Wolfgang and Freikorps - attempt to overthrow government
        • Failed due to trade unions going on strikes
    • Munich Putsch
      • Hitler tries to gain support from politicians
      • SA surround Beer Hall were a meeting was taking place
        • Tried to take over. People escaped
      • Police brought the march down and sent Nazis to prison


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