Challenges to Inductive Arguments

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  • Challenges to Inductive Arguments
    • Teleological Argument
      • Richard Dawkins
        • Doesn't need a designer/ maker
          • Does it by itself
        • 1941-
        • Impact of recent genetic research on the view of the universe
          • "Open" complex systems appear to self - arrange
      • Charles Darwin
        • The role of God appears to have been explained away
        • 1809-1882
        • The design can be explained in the terms of Einsteinian physics
        • Theory of evolution and natural selection is a possible explanation for the apparent design in the universe
      • David Hume
        • imperfection in the world = an inadequately or vindictive God = flawed designer
        • 1711-1776
        • Possibility that the universe was designed doesn't necessarily mean God designed it world = imperfect and finite. Suffering and misery - doesn't suggest a good all-perfect God
          • No evidence that the universe needs a designer - may have to come into existence naturally
            • Predisposition - may be in its nature to be the way it is
              • No evidence to suggest that the universe is not just the result of pure chance
                • 2 arguments
                  • 2. Would come through chance events can occur randomly
                  • 1. Reasonable to argue for a designer
        • Anthropomorphic view of God
      • John Stuart Mill
        • 1806-1873
        • Does not argue against God
          • Argues Christianity has taught omnipotence wrong
        • The universe is not pleasant
        • God is not good or God is limited in a way
          • Not omnipotent
    • Cosmological Argument
      • Who caused God?
      • The Big Bang Theory
        • Scientific theory of how the universe was created
        • Challenges the cosmological argument because it says the Big Bang was the first cause while the cosmological argument says God was the first cause
          • Some theists can reconcile the challenge of the Big Bang by saying that God was the first cause and he created the Big Bang
      • David Hume
        • 1711-1776
        • Empiricism - fallacy of composition
          • 1. The cause and effect observation applies in the universe but does that mean its rules applies to the universe itself
            • 2. We don't have experience of creating a universe and therefore cannot talk
              • 3. Not enough evidence to make any conclusions
                • 4. Even if God could be accepted as the cause, what God? Was it the God of Classical Theism?


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