Challenges of left and Right wing outside Reichstag

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  • Challenge of left and right wing outside Reichstag
    • Spartacist Revolt (L.W)
      • Spartacist league were extreme socialists from USPD - independent socialist party- in Berlin.
        • they supported communists
      • 4th Jan 1919, Ebert sacked the Berlin police chief - who was popular with the workers.
        • next day thousands of workers took to street in protest
          • Spartacists saw it as chance to undermine gov.
            • 6th Jan 1919 Called for an uprising and general strike in Berlin.
              • 10 000 workers took to streets
              • seized the gov.'s newspaper and telegraph offices
      • Weimar gov. was loosing control of the capital
    • The Kapp Putsch (R/W)
      • 1920s, Ebert's gov. struggling to control Freikorps
        • Their units were due to be disbanded (March 1920)
          • fearing unemployment, they turned their arms against the republic
            • 5000 men marched on Berlin
            • declared a new gov. and invited Kaiser to return from exile
        • Reichswehr wouldn't help as didn't want to open fire on their own people
        • in fear for lives, members of gov. fled to Weimar and Stuttgart
        • couldn't put revolt down by force
          • So urged workers to go on strike
            • Did as most socialist and did not want Kaiser
            • essential services - gas, electricity, water, transport- all stopped and capital ground to a halt
      • Wolfgang Kapp - figurehead leader
        • fled, put in prison and died
    • challenge of Ongoing Political violence (1919-23)
      • Political Assasi usinations
        • Matthias Erzberger -shot and killed (Aug 1921)
        • Hugo Hasse - Ebert's council of people represenative- 1919
        • Walther Rathenau - Weimar foreign minister - June 1922
      • Between 1919- 22 there were 376 political murders - mostly left wing or moderate politicians
        • No right wing murderer was convicted but  ten left were
          • Judges sympathetic to right wing and even undermined W.R in court
      • most political partied hired armed men to guard their meetings
        • they were usually unemployed ex-soldiers
        • were at first for protection  but often caused the meetings and marches to be violent


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