Challenges facing food security

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  • Challenges facing global food supply
    • Balancing supply and demand sustainably
      • Better use of existing knowledge and technology
      • Capitalising on new science and technology
      • Reducing waste (as much as 30% food grown is wasted)
      • Improving governance of the global food system
      • Influencing demand
    • Addressing the threat of future volatility in the food system
      • Likely to affect poorest the most, especially in urban areas
    • Ending hunger
      • 925 million  are hungry, + an additional billion- hidden hunger.
      • Agricultural development
      • Action by the international community
      • Reducing gender inequality and improving education.
    • Meeting the challenges of the low emissions world
      • Agriculture = 12-14% of GHG emissions.
      • Legislation needed
      • Finding new strategies that work in a low emissions world.
      • Reducing deforestation
      • Conflict with biofuels?


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