Geography Case Studies (Clay and Chalk - Lincolnshire Wolds)

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  • CHALK & CLAY - Lincolnshire Wolds
    • Uses
      • Cement
        • It is quarried to make cement which is used to make building material like concrete.
      • In 2001, 438,000 tonnes of chalk was quarried from Lincolnshire.
    • Tourism (Costs and Benefits)
      • Escarpments and vales attract tourists.
      • The Wolds are an area of outstanding natural beauty. Tourists come to see Wolds for scenery and activities like walking along the Viking Way.
    • Farming(Opportunities and Limitations)
      • Arable farming, livestock rearing and dairy farms are available on these landscapes.
      • Around 80% of the Wolds are for is used to grow crops.
    • Water (Aquifer)
      • Its and aquifer!
        • A permeable rock that holds water. They are used for drinking water. Water its taken through wells and also pumped out of the rock.
      • There's a major chalk aquifer underneath the Wolds. It supplies water to Lincolnshire.


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