Chaiten Impacts

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  • Chaiten Impacts
    • Economic
      • Regional airports were closed due to ash
        • Airports up to 2,300km from the volcano were forced to close or cancel flights
        • Damage to aircraft was minimal
      • Several hundred domestic flights in Argentina and Chile were cancelled
      • Farm animals were killed by ash
      • Crops and harvests were destroyed by pyroclastic lava
      • Marine facilities and harbour destroyed
    • Environmental
      • Winds carried ash plume east, over Andes mountains, into Argentina and over the Atlantic
      • Lahars
        • Destroyed roads and made access difficult
        • 90% of the town was inundated with Lahars
        • Filled the river bed causing river banks to overflow
        • Formed wide sediment delta to be formed at mouth of river
      • 90% of Chaiten town was flooded
      • Ash falls up to 15cm deep had blocked rivers and contaminated groundwater supplies.
      • Ash into drainage feeding into the Chaiten river - affected many water systems and water supplies.
    • Social
      • Total of around 10,000 people were evacuated from the area around Chaiten
        • 4,200 people who lived in Chaiten were evacuated by boat
      • Affected community spirit and damaged theor homes and possessions
      • Breathing difficulties
      • 1 death - stress related


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