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  • Chaiten
    • May 2nd 2008
      • VEI=5
      • Ash cloud up to 17km high
      • Secondary Effects
        • Flooding
          • Flows and lahars filled rivers causing 90% of town to become flooded
        • Lahars
        • Volcanic Landslides
      • Primary Effects
        • Tephra - Solids
        • Lava Flows
        • Pyroclastic Flows
        • Volcanic Gases
    • Caldera
      • Rhyolitic lava
      • Explosive and unpredicatable
      • 1122m high, 2.5km wide, 4km long
    • No monitoring
      • Seen as low threat volcano
        • Before May 2008, previous known eruption was 9,400 years ago
      • After event
        • After event, development to of volcanic prediction methods
          • Real-time seismic monitoring began on 16th May, conducted by USGS (United States Geological Survey)
        • Relocation of town
          • So much of town destroyed in volcanic eruption, governemt decided to build new town 11km away, rather than repair/rebuild old town
        • Government issued a monthly disaster compensation of $1200-$2200
    • O/C Convergent, destructive margin
      • Nazca plate (O) subducts below South American plate (C)
    • South-eastern Chile, near gulf of Corcovado


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