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  • GC-MS
    • MS
      • The CG-MS method combines a technique and a method of detection
        • Mass spectrometry can rapidly detect very small amounts of a substance
          • It can also provide the relative formula mass of a substance
            • The molecular ion peak can be found as the peak furthest to the right on a mass spectrum
    • GC
      • Gas Chromotogra-phy separates mixtures
        • A long coiled column (tube) it placed in an oven
          • A sample dissolved in a solvent is injected into the column
            • An unreactive gas (nitrogen) carries the sample through the powdered solid in the column
              • Substances are separates as they travel at different speeds
                • A detector  creates a graph for the difference substances, from which the reterntion time can be found
                  • Number of peaks = number of compunds
                    • Position of peaks = retention time


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