Cerebral Palsy

A2 mind map for Cerebral Palsy.

Hope it helps us all.

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  • Cerebral Palsy
    • What causes Cerebral Palsy?
      • Damages motor control
      • Currently no cure
      • Usually caused by brain damage from lack of oxygen in pregnancy
        • Placenta restricts blood and oxygen supply
      • Also caused if the mother has Rubella early in pregnancy
      • Meningitis or head injury are also possible factors - very rare
    • What are the symptoms?
      • Lack of co-ordination in movement
      • Jerky movements
      • Loss of balance
      • If seere, the person may require a wheelchair
      • Minority can have some learning difficulties
    • How does it progress?
      • Usually detected in  early childhood
        • Babies appear floppy and lack muscle tone
      • Not progressive but muscles can tighten
    • Psychological and physical effects
      • Lack of exercise - Sometimes, a person with Cerebral Palsy may not get any exercise because they struggle to walk and can be clumsy
      • Autonomy - People with Cerebral Palsy are dependent on others and so don't have a lot of  Autonomy
      • People with the disease may feel self conscious and think that people are staring at them


Sam Morran


Nice and compact - gives all the key points - excellent place to start revising.

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