decentralisation and centralisation

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  • centralisation
    • Centralisation involves bringing together key activities in one particular part of an organisation. This might be, for example, at Head Office.
      • examples of businesses that use centralisation
        • Burger king
        • Pizza Hut
        • Mcdonalds
      • Advantages
        • Reduced cost
        • Personal leadership
      • diadvantages
        • Delay in work
        • No loyalty
  • dcentralisation
    • Decentralisation involves carrying out tasks locally within the individual units of an organisation.
      • examples of businesses that use decentraliation
        • Tesco
        • Morrisions
        • Asda
      • advantages
        • It promotes motivation
        • Quick decision making
      • Disadvantages
        • Loss of control
        • Increased cost of control


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