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  • Central Executive
    • Episodic Buffer
      • Episodic LTM
        • Visual Semantic
      • Buffer is extra storage system but with limited capacity, it integrates information from all other areas.
      • Baddeley (2000) added episodic buffer as he realised the WMM needed  a more general store
      • Limited Capacity
    • Visuospatial Sketchpad
      • Visual Semantic
      • Limited Capacity
      • Visual and Spacial Information stored here: -Visual = What things look like. - Spacial = Relationship between things.
      • Logie (95) Suggested subdivision: Visuo Cache (store) & Inner Scribe for spatial relations.
    • Phonological Loop
      • Language
        • Episodic LTM
        • Deals with auditory information and preserves word order.
        • Baddeley (86) subdivided into: Phonological store (holds words heard) & Articulatory Process (holds words heard/seen and silently repeated like inner voice.)
        • Limited Capactiy
      • Direct Attention to Tasks. Determines how other slave systems are allocated. Most Vague But the most Crucial Part.
    • Slave Systems >


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