Cellular structures

The main facts for organelles in plant and animal cells.

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  • Cellular structures
    • Nucleus surrounded by nuclear envelope with nuclear pores. Nucleolus and chromatin - genetic material.
    • Lysosomes contain digestive enzymes.
    • Ribosomes - site of protein synthesis. Vesicles - transports substances in cell.
    • RER covered with ribosomes. Folds and processes proteins.
    • SER synthesise and process lipids.
    • Mitochondria - site of aerobic respiration, produces ATP. Inner membrane folded into cristae.
    • Golgi apparatus - fluid-filled sacs. Processes and packages new lipids and proteins.
    • Chloroplast - site of photosynthesis. Thylakoid membranes inside form grana.
    • Cilia made of protein microtubules which allow cilia to move.
    • Cell wall (plant cells) made of cellulose.
    • Centrioles - rings of microtubules. Involved in separation of chromosomes.


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