Cells-Facts & Size

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  • Cells
    • Facts
      • All animals and plants are made of cells
      • Animal cells and plant cells have features in common.
        • Nucleus
          • Contains Genetic material
        • Cytoplasm
          • Where most chemical processes take place; controlled by ENZYMES
        • Cell Membrane
          • Controls movement
            • in & out of the cell
        • Mitochondria
          • Energ is released by respiration
        • Ribosomes
          • Where proteins are made
      • Plant cells have CELL WALL, CHLOROPLASTS and VACUOLE
        • Cell wall- Made of cellulose, supports and strengthens the cell
        • Chloroplasts - Contains chlorophyll
          • Absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
        • Vaculoe- Filled with cell sap
    • Size
      • Smallest living organisms
        • Single cell
          • Carry out all the functions of life
      • Most organisms are bigger
        • Made up of a lot of cells
          • Some become  specialised to carry out particular jobs.
            • Sperm
              • Function - fertilise an egg cell
            • Red blood cell
              • Carry Oxygen to the cell
            • Nerve cell
      • Different stages of structure
        • Cells-Tissues-Organs-Organ System-Whole body


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