Cell structure

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  • Cells
    • Nucleus
      • Contains genetic material
      • Controls activities of the cell
    • Mitochondria
      • Reactions for respiration take place
      • Respiration releases energy that the cell needs in order to work
    • Cell membrane
      • Holds cell together
      • Controls what goes in and out
    • Chloroplasts
      • Where photosynthesis occurs
      • Photosynthesis provides food for the plant
      • Contain a green substance called chlorophyll
    • Ribsomes
      • Where proteins are made
    • Cell wall
      • Made of cellulose
      • Supports and strengthens the cell
    • Cytoplasm
      • Chemical reactions take place
      • Gel-like substance
      • Contains enzymes which control chemical reactions
    • Vacuole
      • Contains cell sap
      • Sap is a weak solution of sugars and salts


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