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  • Cells
    • Animals
      • Nucleus
        • Controls all the activities of the cell
        • its contains the genes on the chromosomes
      • Cytoplasm
        • a liquid gel in which most of the chemical reactions needed for life take
      • Cell Membrane
        • controls the passage of substances in and out of the cell
      • Mitochondria
        • structures  in the CYTOPLASM were oxygen is used and most of the energy is released during respiration
      • Ribosomes
        • where PROTEIN SYNTHESIS takes place
        • all the proteins needed in the cell are made here
    • Plants
      • cell wall
        • Made of CELLULOSE that strengthen the cell and gives it support
      • Chloroplasts
        • are found in the green parts of a plant. they are green as the contain CHLOROPHYLL
          • CHLOROPHYLL absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
      • Permanent Vacuole
        • is a space in the CYTOPLASM filled with cell sap


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