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  • Cells
    • Cell membrane
      • offers support, controls movement in and out of cells.
      • Double layer of phospholipids
      • Semi-permeable
    • Cell wall
      • prevent too much water from entering cell and provide support
      • made of cellulose
    • nucleus
      • where DNA is stored. mRNA transported in and out.
      • Nuclear envelop
    • Mitrochondrion
      • aerobic respiration takes place.
    • Chloroplast
      • where photosynthesis takes place
      • Contains chlorophyll
    • Rough endoplasmic reticulum
      • makes proteins
      • has ribosomes on the sides
      • Protein Synthesis
    • Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
      • lipid synthesis
      • disc like tubules, sacs and vesicles that are connected
    • Golgi apparatus
      • found in cytoplasm
      • modifies molecules and packages them into vesicles
    • Ribosomes
      • has ribosomes on the sides
      • protein synthesis
      • mRNA turned into protein
    • lysosomes
      • sacs filled with enzymes
      • digest waste material
    • Vacuole
      • store water,salts,sugar, proteins and has pigments
    • Prokaryotic cells
      • no membrane bound organelles
      • bacteria
    • Eukaryotic cells
      • cells with a nucleus and other organelles
      • plant and animal cells


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