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  • B1 -Cell Biology
    • Animal cells
      • nucleus-contains genetic information
        • Cytoplasm-gel like substance containing enzymes
        • Cell membrane-holds cell together.
      • Mitochondria-where aerobic respiration takes place .
      • Ribosomes-where proteins are made in the cell
    • Plant Cells
      • Cell wall-made of cellulose, supports cells
      • Vacuole-contains cell sap.
      • Chloroplasts-where photosynthesis occurs
    • Differentiation the process by which a cell changes to become specialised for its job.
      • sperm cells-has a streamlined head ,contains mitochondria and carries enzymes.
      • Nerve cells--carry electrical signals. Have branched connections.
      • Muscle cells-to contract quickly, contain lots of mitochondria.
      • Root hair cells-gives plants a big surface area for absorbing water and minerals


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