Cells and Simple Cell Transport

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  • Cells and Simple Cell transport
    • Functions
      • Mitochondria
        • Produces energy from respiration
      • Nucleus
        • Controls cells activities
      • Cell Wall
        • Keeps cell rigid. provides strength and support
          • Plant cells only
            • Contains sugars and salts
            • Contains chlorophyll to absorb sunlight
      • Cell Menbrane
        • Controls what enters and exits the cell
      • Vacuole
        • Contains sugars and salts
      • Cytoplasm
        • Chemical reactions happen here
      • Chloroplasts
        • Contains chlorophyll to absorb sunlight
      • Ribosomes
        • Makes proteins from amino acids
    • Specialized Cells
      • Sperm Cell
        • Tail- allows the cell to swim to the egg
        • Packed with mitochondria- for energy
        • The head contains genetic information and an enzyme to help penetrate
      • Red Blood Cell
        • No nucleus- maximum space for oxygen
        • Special shape- large surface area for max absorption of oxygen.
        • Thin outer membrane to let oxygen diffuse
      • Root Hair Cell
        • large surface area to increase absorption of minerals and water
    • Diffusion
      • The net movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concrentration
        • The greater the difference in concentration, the faster the rate of diffusion
      • eg oxygen passes through cell membranes by diffusion
    • Bacteria Cell
      • Like animal cell but has NO Nucleus just a loop of DNA.
      • Has a flagellum (tail)
      • (no mitochondria)
    • Yeast
      • Single cell organism
      • Has everything but chloroplasts


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