cell ultrastructure

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    • smooth endoplasmic reticulum
      • producesand transports tryglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol
    • mitachondria
      • airobic respiration and atp production
    • rough endoplasmic reticulum
      • transprorts protiens from surface of golgi apparatus
    • golgi apparatus
      • madifies and packagesprotiens
    • nucleus
      • membrane bound organelle in eukaryotic cells
      • contains genetic material
    • ribosomes
      • protien synthesis
    • lysosomes
      • contains digestive enzymes
    • chloroplast
      • photosynthesis in plants
    • plasma membrane
      • partially permiable phospholipid bilayer. controlls what goes in and out
    • vacule
      • stores water and soluets to keep a plant stable
    • vesicle
      • membrane bound sacs which transport protiens


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