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  • Organelles
    • Golgi apparatus
      • Modifies and packages proteins into vesicles
    • Nucleus
      • Houses all of the cells genetic information in the form of DNA
    • Nucleolus
      • makes RNA  and ribosomes, pass into the cytoplasm where proteins are assembled
    • Vesicles
      • Transports packaged Proteins around the cell and in/out
    • Lysosome
      • I.e Acrosome in sperm
      • Contains  enzymes which break down materials inside the cell
        • White blood cells break down invading micro-organisms
    • Rough E.R
      • Transports protiens which were made on the attatched ribosomes
    • Smooth E.R
      • Involved in making lipids which the cell needs
    • Ribosomes
      • Protein synthesis
      • Found floating in the cytoplasm or attached to RER  and manufacturd in the nucleolus
        • Protein synthesis
    • Mitochondria
      • ATP production
    • Nuclear envelope
      • Allows molecules to pass in/out of the nucleus
        • I.e in the production of proteins mRNA passes out of the nucleus to the rough endoplasmic reticulum


Jessica Ginnelly


really well put togther thank you for the help

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