Cell Structure part 2

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  • Cell Structure
  • cellular activities occur in the cytoplasm
  • metabolism
    • the combined process of breaking down molecules and making new ones
  • cytosol
    • fluid portion of the cytoplasm
    • many metabolic processes take place here
    • provides the right environment for macromolecules to travel
      • + for organelles to function + accomplish the necessary tasks for the cell
  • cytoplasm
    • made from the cytosol + organelles
  • Eukaryotic have many of the same organelles
    • nucleus
      • control the center + activities of the cell
    • endoplasmic reticulum + ribosomes
      • work together to make thousands of types of proteins
    • Mitochondria
      • produces usable energy
    • chloroplasts
      • the site of photosynthesis
  • have the same basic layout, but each have a different, specific function
  • cell theory
    • modern one states:
      • All organisms are made of one or more cells.
      • The cell is the basic unit of structure and function of living things.
      • All cells come from other living cells.
      • Cells contain genetic information that is passed on to the next generation of cells.
      • Cells are chemically very similar.
      • The flow of energy in living things occurs in cells.
  • Cells are chemically very similar.


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