Cell specialisms 

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  • Cell specialisms
    • ciliated epithelial cells-
      • cells that line  the surface of the throat. the cilia cleaned the throat and carries away the mucus from the lungs. (dust comes into the body from the air)
    • Sperm cells
      • transport the genetic (stored in nuleus) towards the female egg. They have a tail to get easy though the liquid and stream line shape for speed
    • Egg cells (ova)
      • contain female genetic material in nucleus. They contain food for the baby and do not move on there own. When it meets the sperm fertilisation occurs
    • Root hair cells
      • thèse plant cells grow behind the root tip. They are big so they can grow between
    • Leaf palisade cell
      • These have a shoe that mean that they can pack together closely near the light, they also have a lot if chloroplasts to trap light
    • white good cells
      • irregular shape - can change shape for easy movement to squeeze out of blood cells and get to the site of infection. can surround and engulf the bacteria and increase in numbers to fight desise
    • nerve cells
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