Cell Organelles - Eukaryotic cells part 2

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  • Cell Organelles - Eukaryotic cells
  • contain organelles with specific functions
  • Mitochondria
    • make usable energy from glucose
    • site of cellular respiration
      • converts energy stored in glucose, into ATP
    • inner membrane
      • large surface area made from many folds
    • outer membrane
  • Golgi bodies
    • receives + distributes the products or ER
      • sorts their contents
      • modifies them
      • distributes to the rest of the cell
  • Chloroplasts
    • site of photosynthesis
    • contain chlorphyll
      • green pigment that catches sunlight
  • Lysosomes
    • filled with enzymes
      • break down many materials
        • organic molecules
        • break down other organelles in a cell
          • enables cell to reassemble new organelles
    • macrophages
      • engulf bacteria + digest them withe enzymes
    • important role in immune system


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