Cell Membranes

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  • Cell Membranes
    • ie. plasma membrane
    • allows diffusion
    • stops destruction of cells
      • ensures appropriate susbstances are allowed in
    • semi-permeable
      • allows certain substances in but not others
    • carries important information from nerves & hormones & in between cells
    • has receptors (liganers) that send certain signals to the cell
    • bilayer
      • phospholipids
    • cell surrounded by watery environment
      • hydrophilic heads in contact with the water
        • phospholipids
    • proteins float with membrane & some rest against the surface & some penetrate right through phospholipids
    • Transport Proteins
      • penetrate membrane
      • form channels within for some substances move through
    • Receptor Proteins
      • bind substances like hormones to bring about changes in cell's activities
      • carries out different functions
    • Adhesion Proteins
      • allow cells to join together
    • Recognition Proteins
      • attached to carbohydrate molecules to form antigens with enable the immune system to identify foreign cells in the body
    • Carbohydrates
      • on the outer surface
      • connected to proteins
    • Cholesterol Molecules
      • complex lipids
      • give membrane some water resistance decreasing permeability to small water soluble molecules


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