Cell Membrane Stucture

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  • Cell Membrane structure
  • allows a cell to interact with other cells
  • are selectively permeable
    • allowing some material to pass through it
  • made of a phospholipid bilayer
  • lets substances in + out of a cell
  • maintains homeostasis
  • have different characteristics
    • depends on whether the phospholipid is a long or short chanin
    • whether the chain is saturated or unsaturated
  • a flexible, fluid structure
  • they are constantly changing
  • need to remain flexible to function well
  • contain proteins
    • float among the phospholipid molecules
  • transport proteins
    • help move nutrients + ions in + out of cells
  • contain carbohydrates
    • help cells recognize themselves from others
    • glycolipids
      • bound to lipids
    • glycoproteins
      • bound to proteins
  • bound to lipids
  • cytoskeleton
    • made of:
      • microtubles
      • actin microfilaments
      • intermediate filaments
    • support a cell's shape
  • animal cells produce extra cellular matrix


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