Cell membrane and movement

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  • Cell membrane and movement
    • Hydrophilic
      • Having a strong attraction to water
    • Hydrophobic
      • Lacking an affinity for water (repelling water)
    • Selectively permeable
      • A barrier that allows some chemicals to pass but not others
    • Diffusion
      • The movement of molecules or ions from a region of high concentration to one of low concentration
    • Osmosis
      • A form of diffusion in which water molecules move down a water potential gradient
    • Water potential
      • The potential for water to move out of a solution by osmosis
    • Solute potential
      • The effect of solutes lowering the water potential of the cell
    • Plasmolysis
      • When the cytoplasm of a plant cell loses water it shrinks and draws away from the cell wall (turgid/ plasmolysed)
    • Phagocytosis
      • Where a large particle may enter the cell, become enclosed by a vesicle and be transported through the cytoplasm
    • Pinocytosis
      • The entry of liquid into a cell by the same method as phagocytosis
    • Exocytosis
      • A method by which substances leave a cell after being transported through the cytoplasm in a vesicle


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