Cell membrane

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    • otherwise known as plasma membrane... OCR prefer it
    • under light microscope it appears as a thin line.
    • under electron microscope it appears as a double line.
    • Fluid mosaic model
      • Glycoprotein: identifies the cell as self material
      • phosphopilid bilayer, arehydrophilic so love water. they are the phosphate heads
      • hydrophobic fatty acid tails- hate water
      • proteins
      • carbohydrates
      • cholesterol
    • Functions:
      • Offer support
      • insulates nerves
      • controls what enters and leaves the cell
      • is partially permeable
    • Found in all cells
    • delicate lipid and protein skin around cytoplasm
    • Components are free to move in the fluid mosaic model
    • high cholesterol affects the cell membrane
      • cholesterol is present in the membrane
      • more cholesterol makes the cell membrane less likely to move and more rigid
    • Factors that affect permeability of cell membrane
      • heat
      • ethanol- dissolves lipid components of cell membrane- full of holes
      • pH
        • pH and heat make the membranes proteins denature
          • heat
    • Partically permeable so only some substances pass through e.g. oxygen, carbon dioxide
    • the partically permeable call membrane allows osmosis to take place
      • Osmosis is movement of water from high to low water potential through a pertailly permeable membrane


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