Cell Division

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  • Cell Division and Gentics
    • Mitosis and Meiosis are types of of cell division involved in growth and development
      • Mitosis takes place throughout the body. important in growth and replacing worn out or damaged cells
    • Difference between Meiosis and Mitosis
      • In Mitosis daughter cells: are identical to each other: are identical to parent cell:produce two cells in one division
      • In Meiosis daughter cells: have half the number of chromosomes of parent cell: are different from each other: produce four cells in two divisions
    • Asexual Reproduction
      • Common in plants- this produces clones by mitosis without the need for producing gametes by meiosis
      • Tissue Cloning is a type of cloning that involves treating small sections of plants with hormones to produce new plants. it may have advantages: it can be carried out all year round
    • Genetics is the passing on of characteristics from parents to offspring. Chromosomes carry the genetic material in short sections called genes. Each gene carries the code for a particular characteristic


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