cell division

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  • cell division
    • meiosis
      • gametes are produced from body cells by this cell division
        • gametes are formed in the reproductive organs
        • gametes have half the number of chormosome
      • you get four gametes each with only a single set of chromosome in it
        • in the second division they line up again and are pulled apart again
      • the two meiotic divisors are known as meiosisI and meiosisII
      • produces new cells which only have half the original number of chromosome
    • mitosis
      • it occurs during:
        • during growth - to produce more body cells
        • during asexual reproduction
        • to create replacement cells - when cells are damaged
      • the cell has one large pair of chromosome and one small pairs of chromosome
        • each chromosome is copied
          • when cells divide in two, each cell gets one chromosome
            • creating two genetically identical cells
      • most organisms have more than two pairs of chromosome
      • this type creates identical cells
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