Cell division- cell cycle

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  • Cell Division
    • Interphase
      • S phase
        • DNA replication
      • Growth Phase
        • Proteins, organelles, other components are made.
    • Prophase
      • centrioles replication
      • Chromosomes coil and condense to from chromotin.
      • Nucleolus and Nuclear enveloppe dissapear
      • centroles moce towards opposite poles
      • centroles from a microtuble spindle
    • Metaphase
      • Chromosomes line up along the equator.
      • Chromosomes attach by there chromosomes to the spindle.
    • Anaphase
      • Spindle fibers shorten and pull chromatids to opposite poles.
        • Chromatids travel in v-shape, centromes lead.
      • Chroatids are separated when centromere splits
      • Each one is identical to the Original chromosome.
    • Telephase
      • Nucleolus and nuclear enveloppe reform.
      • Cromatids form chromosomes.
      • Spindle breaks down
    • Cytokinesis
      • Division of the cytoplasm
      • 2 genetically identical and diploid daughter cells are formed


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